Uke / Vocals
My ukulele journey began when I was given a cherry red Soprano Uke as a Christmas present. Having always wanted to play an instrument, this gift galvanised me into taking lessons at Barleylands. I found learning to play, both sociable and fun to do! I really loved It from the start. Now, a few years later, having acquired a “stable” of different types of Ukes, I am happiest when playing any one of my Uke’s and performing.
Uke / Vocals
The 28 year old son of a good friend came to work, and from nowhere declares he’s bought a ukulele that he plans to learn to play. After the laughter comes the question; why?
Well, that event prompted my long dormant desire to play music and without a note or clue I bought a £19.99 ukulele from Argos, enrolled in a six week course at Rainbow Music, Barleylands, and my life changed. Several years on, I’m in a band; “Juke Box”.
Bass / Vocals
Having been a professional bassist in my younger years, I’m very happy to be playing again; providing the bottom end for the high pitched ukulele’s!
I also love to sing harmonies and my first ambition at age 5 was to join a band I saw on TV called The Ladybirds, who were a female vocal backing group. Failing that, it was the Andrew Sisters!
But beware all ukulele players with a voice, because I’ll always find a harmony!
I also play some acoustic guitar and wrote songs, one of which was entered into a Nationwide competition (care of my music teacher), and having reached the final my friends and I performed it on Live TV back in the 70’s.
I’m the admin manager for Rainbow Music Tuition, and outside of the office, my old profession is now my hobby.


Uke / Vocals
Left Holding the Baby or was that ukulele
As a lifelong musician and founder of Rainbow Music I was thrust into the world of ukulele playing after losing the ukulele teacher from the Rainbow teaching team.
As a guitarist, the transition was easy and ukulele playing now forms a large part of my teaching week. I don’t like the sound of the standard ukulele so I always play with a drop G. More guitar like and better for lead riffs.
My ukulele pet hate is Formby and the stigma left on this instrument by half a dozen comic songs. I think the instrument is far more versatile than is represented by this frenetic strumming madness.
For me playing in Juke Box and Straight from Work with my solid body steel strung uke is the best part of being involved with this versatile instrument. Developing styles and sounds not considered before will make the ukulele world a cool place to play in.
I look forward to developing my playing with my selection of pedals for lead riffs.
Just remember where beat one is!
By Default!
This is how I ended up playing the drums!
No choice, serves me right for hanging around Musicians.
As a greengrocer’s daughter by trade, music and playing the drums does not come easy, but with guidance and encouragement from my fellow band members (especially Jenny who has got me to where I am now)) I seem to be adding something to the band whilst enjoying the fun and madness that is the ukulele world.
Uke / Vocals
It’s true Christmas is a magical time; my lovely wife, some time ago now, organised a “musical” evening with family and very good friends to celebrate the yule tide.  All were requested to bring their musical instruments, two of whom brought ukuleles.  The evening was a musical hoot.  Many great songs were sung, accompanied by guitar and ukulele.  As a result, I was smitten by this little box with four strings.  A quick google lead me to ukulele beginner’s lessons at Barleylands. I’m now (by unbelievable fortune) part of Juke Box.  My journey with this little box and four strings has given me immense joy and unbelievable experiences.  On top of that, I’m with a bunch of people who are special and inspire me and they are called…..Juke Box.